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public comment CEO Zhang Tao (Figure)

Zhuang Chunhui ("Oriental Morning Post" financial reporter, commentator)

talked for a while, and I asked him what he was. Have you studied? – no, and I told him that I didn’t know much about him, but I’ve seen him two times. The scene is a little cold, as another point of view, "the most hated myself what point?" the man answered people smile, I thought, this is not an early understanding of Sagittarius, or know him a little earlier.

"Shanghai Economic Review" in (micro-blog) CEO Zhang Tao (unabridged edition):

1 in the impression of people, seems and catering information together, do you think the comment on the local life consumption to expand what place? Considered in conjunction with the overseas market


Zhang Tao: first of all, is from food started; the second reason, and people’s living needs, the needs of people from eating began to improve life, generally from the start and then eat, to the development of leisure and pleasure. The higher the income of the area, catering consumption accounted for the proportion of total expenditure is lower, from PV (page view, page views), the Shanghai area accounted for the total food reviews website review the amount of 50%~60%, this value in Chengdu is about 70%, and then to see the three line of the city is as high as 70%~80%.

from the restaurant of the public comment and expand the family, beauty, hotel has also been carried out for several years. This is not a special comment on tourism, but there have been some comments on the attractions, which is still quite large space.

in overseas markets, comments have touched Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe and other places, which is related to the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people travel. This part of the user is still the main initiative to add the main, in addition, we will do some support from foreign specialized database companies to import information, a little more standardized. At present, there is no comment from overseas market revenue.

2 was established for nearly ten years, do you think the public comment network is still a start-up company? If the division of the company’s development process, what events do you think can be a turning point?

Zhang Tao: two or three years of the rise of the mobile Internet and buy mode, the consumer service industry is a great opportunity for life. From a certain point of view, the public comment network and stood a new starting line, or a start-up company. In more than two years ago, we have been "two business" was, since then the company scale is also expanding rapidly, founded 7 years prior to 2010, comment about 500 employees, there are currently 3000 people comment, only for two years.

division stage, there are currently about three:


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