The key to community O2O Entrepreneurship deep service plus a good carrier

, a district, a company, a KTV, an Internet cafe can be regarded as a broad community, in this community to provide takeout, washing, massage, housekeeping and other services can be regarded as the mode of O2O.

industry sources said, based on a depth of service door model in Japan and other developed countries in the field of community O2O services has been very mature. Even in some countries, there are several listed companies just laundry O2O. So for the domestic O2O entrepreneurs, the key to success is that these companies can continue cultivating service in the field of vertical community O2O. Such as washing O2O can not only provide laundry service, also can build a temperature and humidity conditions suitable for the logistics base, to help customers store expensive clothes and carry out regular maintenance, or in customer demand, two transactions or auction for these expensive clothes. Even continue to extend, according to the customer’s big data analysis of the excavation of the customer’s preferences, to customize the clothing. This is defined as the mature community O2O, that is, vertical in the vertical.

In addition

, because the O2O service is a combination of online and offline services demand, so we need a good carrier to undertake, with the development of mobile Internet, mobile phone terminal APP has become an essential carrier of the O2O community. In the actual process of entrepreneurship, some entrepreneurial team will choose their own operations, the development of APP, the benefits of doing so is content and controllable, the unfavorable factor is the problem of high development cost, difficult maintenance and long cycle of promotion. In the rapid development of the mobile Internet era, many entrepreneurs have lost in the product rather than services, product updates slow iteration, will directly lead to the extension of the extension of the cycle and cost increases. In particular, some want to do a platform based O2O project, not only to connect the user but also to connect the manufacturers, so developers in APP spent a lot of energy, some of which even lost the first mover advantage of the market.

another O2O business model by the local community owners and operators love, are providing a platform like the APP community for the specific area, through a series of negative APP social popularity, on the other hand help line services to meet user needs in line, this business model has the advantage of community operators can be the most attention in the operation of the community, and strive to build a community of electricity, primary content, active sharing of mobile community features. In the specific APP development, can be achieved by virtue of OpenCom community O2O industry solutions to be achieved. Strictly speaking, OpenCom provides a carrier, can undertake various functions of the community carrier.

local station mainly concentrated in the three or four line of the city, the population density, consumption habits are compared with first-tier cities have great differences, and Internet plus of all industries in the reform and rebuild the cross border, how to get through online and offline, how to reshape the format, should build suitable forms of O2O business model will become the place and the community of entrepreneurs to explore.

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