Easy to car Zhou hang Entrepreneurial heart and mission significance

note: This article is easy to car founder Zhou hang in the Ming potential capital annual meeting to share the record

Hello everyone, I am easy to car Zhou hang. This is my first time to participate in such an early – said 8:45 opening, I even thought I got it wrong. I thought this morning to be able to be half of the scene is good, I did not expect everyone to come so early, let me feel the passion of our brothers.

obviously always find me, say let me share, the results of my brain is a blank. As we all know, our competition in this industry is very fierce, I am also very busy, there is no time to think about what to say. It’s obvious to me that I still have to say something different, but in fact, the question of the meaning of the mission is to start a business.

later I said yes, then talk about this problem, but the problem is too big, so I did not fall asleep last night. Since the last one or two months, almost everyone who has seen me, old friends and new people, is basically the same……

we are facing great changes in this industry. In the past, we’ve seen a huge change in almost every quarter of the industry: we’re facing a combination of competitors, subsidies, red envelopes, all kinds of PR, coupled with the pressure from the government.

competition is so cruel and tragic. I think from the burn mode and speed, we are currently in the industry may be the history of the development of the entire Internet industry has experienced. Everyone is throwing money into the rhythm of the fire – to burn billions of dollars a month, this is a very crazy behavior. You asked me how? Of course we will inevitably fall into many actions and thinking of the tactical level, there will be a lot of tear.

but to be honest, the real reason why I’ve been feeling stressed and unhappy over the last few months is not this. What is it that I feel in this more and more deformation of the behavior of their own from the beginning of the heart more and more far. I asked myself yesterday, why are you in the end? Where did your stress come from? Later, I found that the pressure is not from competition, but from the beginning of the heart. Back five years ago, I was like a lot of friends here. In 2010, I just started when the car is easy to, what was the beginning of the heart, why should I do this, I want to make it into the future become what? I think back to my original mission, vision and values of the level of the.

I know a lot of friends in my heart may have a small conversation, don’t talk to me about feelings, you tell me how to win, just tell me how to succeed. I also want to know. In fact, each of us is eager for success, this is everyone to start a strong life of fire.

I’ve been in touch with a lot of entrepreneurs, but I’ve seen different things from different entrepreneurs. Everyone wants to be successful, but I see two kinds of people

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