Xu Guang on one of the large site network promotion Shanghai Dragon

said a large site in Shanghai dragon, a lot of people can think at first but then said keyword analysis, keyword analysis, some ideas on the topic, talk about the long tail word.

Key words:


brand word: many people talk about the long tail keywords, long tail keywords that is the most important part of the entire Shanghai dragon, the brand website keywords on the final analysis. Xu Guang believes that this idea completely ignore the influence of the brand. Brand word is the priority among priorities of large sites in Shanghai Longfeng, otherwise the enterprise invested a lot of manpower and resources to create brand image is not wasted? And medium-sized website said the long tail word is the most important large sites not no ground for blame.


long tail keywords: long tail keywords believe that everyone is very clear, anyway, most of Shanghai Longfeng examples and tutorials are what about it.

put the two together and content, it is because it is two to the traditional Shanghai dragon tutorial focuses on, while deion, a keywords, a title, the three said very mysterious. A large number of people are more emphasis on the importance of strong, H1 and how good, in fact, there are so difficult? These two designers have some points of Shanghai dragon, when applied to design perfect. It is under the control of title and deion in length is too long, the code filter JS, I and other search engines cannot identify off is necessary.

The design of

code optimization


because I had long-term debt Shanghai Longfeng part of the work, and because Shanghai Longfeng gradually responsible for network promotion, so this series of experience from Shanghai Longfeng begin. I believe that this text should have the majority of people, in each big forum visited the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon tutorial over Shanghai Longfeng case, often because the one or two word ranking change slightly and adrenal hormone secretion of bile surge, emotional instability, heartbeat, mind fameng. To tell the truth, I encountered such a thing, but I really have no so nervous. Do people in Shanghai Longfeng enterprises conscientiously, completely unnecessary because Shanghai Longfeng services company and the fear of being harmonious off, BOSS all know that Shanghai Longfeng service companies rely mainly on the chain, even can provide the optimization of the company, as well as the body inside you know the inside story. Pull away, or just talk about large web sites in Shanghai dragon.

navigation page

key words here include the range is very wide, including hot words, related to the traditional high search volume keywords etc.. This kind of keywords to optimize the time most of them need to be fixed in the special column, get good rankings.

this part is very important, navigation design quality, related to the efficiency of the collection of web content. In the daily index > spiders

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