Women’s health management App aunt you won $130 million strategic investment


technology news October 21st afternoon news, women’s health management App aunt do today announced the acquisition of Haitong Investment Co. Ltd., BY-HEALTH and founder of firewood to recover investment investment totaled 130 million yuan.

according to reports, the aunt is vertical women’s health classification of the world’s largest user of mobile phone software. After three years of development, the aunt you have implemented Tools + community + Commercial closed-loop, win customers, industry and investment institutions recognition and favor.

the strategic stake aunt Haitong Investment Company Limited (referred to as Haitong) is the Chinese approved by the SFC Haitong Securities Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 600837) the establishment of a wholly-owned direct equity investment management company, currently the amount of nearly 20 billion yuan. As a professional equity investment platform of Haitong Securities, Haitong has completed over 100 investment companies, and successfully helped many enterprises landing Chinese capital market. The shares of the aunt, aunt also raised the possibility of future market speculation.

round of investment, aunt CEO and founder of Keyi Chai is not a small share of investment return. The firewood holdings of shares, expressed its aunt platform layout and confidence in the future development. Firewood can be said that personal investment can not only give back to Aunt into the capital, with the company around a series of large ecosystem health strategic plan launched, believe that the continued rapid development of the aunt will give every investor, shareholders, employees bring huge returns.

in addition, this part also includes a strategic stake in investment in July this year, A shares of domestic listed companies, Tomson times for the aunt part. After the combination of the two sides, carried out complementary resources, ongoing cooperation in the depth of female health products, the future will give users a more personalized and complete health experience.

The next

aunt this year has won two strategic stake, and aunt will joint health, Haitong and other enterprises, accelerate the commercialization and capital development process, to complete the mobile Internet and other external resources integration and grafting, promote innovation and the development of women’s health industry. (Li Lin)

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