How to prevent your own web site was hung black chain


for small webmaster, web site files in this way may not be so clever. Finally, recommend the use of PHP language.

! Of course, this

black chain is hung in the home of the most, so check the website home page source code. Of course, the inside pages are short, look at

is easy to see through the chain webmaster tools, if it is linked to the horse, through the webmaster tools can see what are the links, the black chain can be found.

then when I found the problem I hurry to find a security software check the station, do suggest that there is a loophole, I estimate the station is linked to the horse is because of loopholes arising from it. Can search the web site security, there will be some software tools can check.

then I put the black chain on the site to delete, tool repair website vulnerabilities. Because I am also a rookie, do not know whether the future will encounter the same problem. In order to facilitate all of the knowledge I have prevent the Internet to see web site was hung black chain contents are summed up and I hope to help you.

2, learn to use

I have a small business website, want to modify a link on the index today, I accidentally found the station a link text and a lot of the hospital, my first reaction, think of the black chain, my site was hung black chain. It is found that this problem first, so the site looking for information solutions. And how to effectively prevent the site was hung black chain? I put my summary hair up, and I hope the same rookie webmaster can use.




4, FTP recommends regularly modify password. The password should not be too simple.

is the best combination of digital + letters5, using


webmaster tools

first to determine whether it was linked to the black chain, my first check method is to enter the FTP, see the file index, the second is to open the web page, view the source code, the right mouse button, the third is to use webmaster tools to check the dead links. Today I see the obvious, easily through these methods.

1, to always check the website source code

3, as personal webmaster general file time to modify their own web sites should be clear, if you modify the time in view the file, and you find the modification time is different, that someone has modified your website files.

webmaster tools, you can view.

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