Shanghai love you recently swollen.

see this, many people may feel that this is the reason that the amount of this optimization technique to hang, I gladly accepted, because the hang in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of this industry is still a novice, but hang said that Shanghai is now on the original love of the increasingly high demand more and more attention, some of the index word are you going to do the optimization of the railway station, it seems more difficult than before. Is not only the hair outside the chain, a link, since the station optimization can have good rankings, have been love Shanghai period can be ranked, and then continue to optimize and get better ranking, and this cycle is very long, a few days before the new key word ranking may be able to home, but now at least should be about a month to get ranked. Of course this is the index of word, another approach is to do new words, new words here is certainly not long search volume on a word, than to say, "let’s take Chinese partner" the movie name as keywords for example, as shown in Figure

from the above we can see the word "Chinese partner" in April 3, the start index, index is very low, at this time you do this words as keywords to the operation, should be considered is the original love Shanghai, most at least is the original of the early.. Wait until May to do the word.

remember the snapshot is not updated, under normal complaints as long as the site for about 3 hours, the basic recovery, now, even if you love complaints N times, Shanghai won’t see you any more, not to mention the snapshot update, feedback Webmaster Platform is the former website love sea snapshot title, flow what is what is abnormal, complaints basically can update the recovery in 24 hours now, in addition to submit feedback, there is no echo and processing results.. The following screenshot is an optimization of my station, snapshot title and description are abnormal, the optimized code on the server is stable, but also feedback to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform. But the day did not respond to

frequent action is a good thing, but as a hang Shanghai dragon optimization practitioners, but more feeling is not the same, where is not the same? Hang from a few points below specific about it.

recently love Shanghai action big ah.. May see 360 more and more ambitious generated sense of competition, the issue of the March attack algorithm Scindapsus link, a mid April K station clean-up operations, May has just introduced the algorithm of pomegranate, without showing the love of Shanghai’s recent moves frequently.


second, the new sites included soon, but want to get a short time ranking is more and more difficult

first, snapshot complaints, Webmaster Platform feedback useless


love Shanghai’s recent big moves, but why these details on why the problem is more and more not handled well.. Just hang unilaterally may also encounter these problems, that is the reason of my own.

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