Shanghai Longfeng problems often encountered on the new enterprise website production process

Three, whether the

Heading label also called H tags can be divided into H1, H2 to H6, the weight of decreasing, the label can emphasize the title of the passage, the effect clearly tell the search engine text paragraph, let search engine better grasp and analysis of important content pages. Usually H1 label for "main title or title of the article.

use the Heading tag

site should have a clear and breadcrumb structure, it can help the search engine to quickly understand the structure of the website, and easy for users to quickly find the content they want. General site tree type structure contains three levels (such as: Home – Channel – article page), from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, the website structure is best not more than 3 layers, as flat some, let search engine processing easier. At the same time, also want to do the interconnection between home page, column, the article page three, make up relationships between web pages, form a powerful flat tree type structure.

website uses the tree network structure of

two, Table Xhtml+css

with the development of Internet, e-commerce matures, traditional marketing means, more and more enterprises will look from traditional marketing to network marketing, have joined the electricity supplier market, to find efficient and beneficial promotion channels, to open up new markets. Enterprise marketing is generally divided into: traditional marketing and network marketing. The traditional marketing is on the basis of TV media, print media and outdoor media as a platform for promotion, need to invest a lot of manpower and money advertising. Network marketing is the Internet as the medium, its wide coverage and investment costs are relatively low, high efficiency, can effectively monitor communication effect, get the favour of the enterprise, and the Internet media, we usually show to build enterprise website platform form. The fundamental purpose of the enterprise construction site is to show the user friendly transfer of enterprise products through the website information, so as to realize their own brand and the conversion rate of return. For a natural ranking rely on search engines to get traffic sites, if Shanghai Longfeng serious problems exist, it will influence the website flow to some extent. Shanghai Longfeng problems often encountered here I share with you new enterprise website production process, you can skip the veteran.

the traditional layout or layout

four and reasonably

, a "physical size

"refers to the physical size of the source code of the web page byte size, which does not include additional pictures, FLASH and JS size. The source code byte page is smaller, more conducive to search engine spider crawling.


recommends the use of xhtml+css layout. Because this layout can greatly reduce the redundant code page, improve web browsing speed. Compared with the traditional Table layout, xhtml+css layout structure is clear, more likely to be search engine search crawl.

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