The eight step learning website optimization be nothing difficult

to optimize the understanding of marketing network long time contact some people will know something really good, but not much

! to optimize the survival!

in the past two years, the last time in the Admin5 submission is June 21, 2011, the new "is how to learn e-commerce professional knowledge". Since the network began to contact the individual owners of this year has been seven years! Seven years let me from ignorant boy became an old webmaster, the number of failures you have to remember, but along the way is to optimize this ability to feed. Until today, I still rely on

want to learn optimization deeply, you must see the code. But the code is not difficult, dozens of HTML tags plus some CSS logo. As long as you can read the HTML document structure; understand website code; to know what is the JS file; what is the CSS style; what is the head tags. These you do you have to be optimized, learning optimization is the most simple to start learning from HTML code. In the process of learning HTML code, the use of DW software. HMTL learned, skilled DW software also will be used, this time to learn the CSS style, will do a simple static page to

! optimizationThe existence of

for the optimization of familiar, have done a long time extrapolation, are familiar with, but really can understand the principle of optimization are few

optimization is not difficult to learn, website optimization knowledge is very complex, and the site optimization is an accumulation of experience. Is there any way of learning site optimization good? For website optimization should start learning from where? Eight how fast learning optimization step to share with the students I NSL school


learning website optimization of third step: understand the principle of

optimization, is because of the existence of the search engine. I >

learning website optimization first step: understand HTML, see CSS


learning website optimization step second: construction site

is our website optimization personnel daily to the service object, we must understand the concept of website construction, such as domain name, space, server, VPS, analytical, binding, jump, FTP, upload and download, backup and other professional vocabulary. You should spend tens of dollars, buy a domain name and space, personally with open source program to build a website, such as personal blog or website. In the process of building a web site you will know how to buy a domain name, how to choose the space, want to find a what kind of program, where to collect articles, how to do, how to do domain name binding domain, and how to upload to space…… These are to go, can’t talk

for the optimization of the master, did the network editor, a long time will know some, but the real will of the few

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