Shanghai recently love down the right and remedy of K station

love Shanghai although not put up a pageantry propaganda, but then love the measures taken by Shanghai is very serious! Love reflected Shanghai on the Internet garbage tolerance to the limit. I for many website customer optimization, because many pseudo original right down, Shanghai love index included decreased significantly in June, one of the sites of love Shanghai K station directly, we can use love indexing tools the website analysis in Shanghai.

we do website optimization early on the chain, mass, pseudo original technique, and achieved certain results in the operation for a period of time. We all know that the webmaster website later depending on the content, this point you may have feelings, if you encounter such a situation, no matter what you do outside the chain, no matter how much you buy the high quality of the chain, keyword ranking is to stop at a level that you did not reach the expected aim. If this is the case, perhaps the website content quality is not high enough reason.

B, the website to delete unqualified link

The This article from the Shanghai issued

A, delete the false original article

website is the valuable content of netizen pursuit. Like A5, laggards forum, why even if there is no love Shanghai, such as Google engine, also has the huge traffic, because the key is that users love the site, think the website of their value, often come to these sites to learn knowledge, or meet a user’s needs, such as my own.

love of Shanghai friendship connection in this adjustment reflects changes, especially to love Shanghai right down the site, you need to be deleted, or website snapshot snapshot stop updating the website of Shanghai love attention. Friendship connection is the website of the other side of the site the importance of our voting points, if not a relatively healthy chain on the site will only bring negative effect, I am for this is down right and be K only few sites on the link up again, about a week after partial website, website snapshot recovery update, included also gradually to normal.

notice of love, we can see the important influence of original content on the site, cheating will only make love by Shanghai. Today I will focus on the original web content on the website optimization effect combined with several optimization experience to share the website.

stationAn article published in May

love the sea 09 years since the April launch of phoenix nest system since the system update, the webmaster also spend a lot of effort around the system to do outside the chain, chain, content innovation, unfortunately in May 12 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform an article "love the sea will improve the quality of news station show. The treatment of low quality news station", followed by a period of time, the webmaster website ranking, overnight change let us be taken by surprise.


C, update the original content to users and search engine called

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