Share several alternative to YAHOO Site Explorer tools

because in the past we just use YAHOO Site Explorer to check the reverse link itself, more important is the reverse link we also check our competitors through this tool, link quality information etc.. Bing webmaster tools only provide website owners own web sites and data need to install code verification. I really don’t understand why this move will be, but I think it is not wise. So I began to look for other tools. What is the author thinks that some tools can replace Yahoo Site Explore.


is different from YAHOO’s Site Explor, with Blekko you can check more than 2500 pages of reverse link. But the author’s observation, Blekko display of the chain number will be less than the YAHOO Site Explor. In the figure above, use Blekko to check the site can only find 401 backlinks, but the use of Site Explor can be found in more than 2000.


tool can even give you a chain page preview and brief description (from the website descr>



Site Explorer a white flag in this month. Goodbye, old friend. How to do that now, especially for those of us who do foreign trade, Shanghai dragon. Of course, we need to find new alternatives. We need to look for new such as YAHOO’s Site Explorer free tool replacement. I have found several alternatives, but first we must first examine the Bing webmaster tools.

Blekko will be more and more popular. Many search engines know as the Yahoo Site Explore closed, Blekko will stand up and erode YAHOO’s Site Explore market, because Blekko is a free and fast query tool chain. It can meet most of the needs of personnel optimization. The following is Blekko pictures.



this is a new tool, the author is found in the accident. Exalead seems to be a more promising tool. At present, it is not a popular tool for production, but it provides a good reverse link data. The following figure




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