How is the reason analysis of the original content of love Shanghai abandoned

but it is almost a lot of new sites of fate, but with increasing the weight of your site, have not been confirmed before the original content included the last will re calculation, but it will have a negative effect on the website optimization. So figuring out the root cause of original content website is not to be included is very important, so it can be targeted optimization, here is a concrete analysis.

third, excessive optimization. Because we are engaged in the website optimization, tend to rapidly improve the site’s ranking, so do what all want to a little faster, a little faster. So there is a problem of excessive optimization of different degrees in some work. For example, there are a large number of web content, anchor text links, and the anchor text links are the core of the web site keywords. Although this method can make the content of the rankings, but excessive optimization will inevitably lead to love Shanghai punishment, but The loss outweighs the gain. In addition to the webmaster love using Tag tags in the content, if you for this label is not very clear, so it is not necessary to add this label, otherwise once the Tag label excessively, will also have a great negative impact on the site’s content included.

fourth, ZhengZhan optimization is poor. Although >

first, check whether the site have grasping fault. If your website original content can not be love Shanghai included, we must first look at your site if there is a grab exception, this can be analyzed through the abnormal love Shanghai grab tools. If the tool is a reflection of your server errors, grab timeout problems, this basically means is to grab the abnormal function of the website, the server is usually caused by a fault, or is the site suffered a DNS attack, server problems, from these levels to solve the problem, the recovery of the abnormal web crawling, so as to solve the original the content included in the site problem.

many times, after we released an original articles on the site, and not very quickly by the love of Shanghai included, even in a very long period of time, the original content will disappear in Shanghai love a vast expanse of water, unless you are the original content of other websites reproduced, and the site has high the weight of original content will be included in your love Shanghai. This included but not from the first site, that is to say, your work is for others to do awake.

second, grab frequency is abnormal. For the website, grab frequency is basically maintained stable, or sustained high, if your web crawling frequency suddenly falling, it is possible that your site is down right, if the site is down right, then crawl frequency will fall, the corresponding collection of web content will be reduced, but also included the number will be very small, speed also included rapid decline. But here to remind you that it is the application of science to submit a link this function, but it also has a push tool, assuming your web crawling frequency is too low, it can try this tool.

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