Discussion how to write high quality articles


fourth: pay attention to the latest events, sublimation

everything has its own value, the real value of the soft, is to solve the needs of users, with "love" in Shanghai know why love Shanghai that was very popular and ranking is also very good, excluding Shanghai love their products, the biggest reason is he is standing in the user perspective to write the editor, purpose is to solve certain aspects of the user demand, so the high quality of soft Wen must to solve customer needs as the starting point to write, so even if you have no gorgeous statement, the only professional, long narrative, you can solve the needs of users on the one hand, this article is the value can be a "high quality soft wen".

Internet is "open" he will respect each person position and view, you probably can’t write a professional article, but you can express your true feelings to an article, which will "feel" the earnest tidy published, this book, you have the same value. Is also a high quality soft, do not look down on these "comments" these are Internet players real thoughts, not only other users also love love search engine.

second: to effectively solve user needs

said the company is difficult to do the optimization of the construction of website, this is because they are not going to learn hundreds of industries, for an industry when you don’t know enough about you alone to write an article to your article, is to take one of the papers in front of you, you can’t say right the quality of the articles and articles or not, the website optimization, let a person do not understand the optimization to write articles, in addition to copy others what you can do, however, have a lot of information on the Internet, which has to have a wrong, no right whether or not the ability to edit only the website pasted on the number of false content, so that users will not love your web search engine will also gradually to your site down, so want to get high quality software should first understand the industry.

: the first to really understand an industry

as a web site optimization personnel, first you may feel to the Internet looking for some of the simple treatment is very convenient to release or directly on your own website, but with your qualifications to deepen, will become more and more aware of what is the other people and things, even if he did not match your site theme good to you, this is for you to copy and paste the others more, search engine to your web site is down, so we must pay attention to the construction of high quality soft Wen, how to do? Today to talk about this.

third: to express their true feelings of

The core of

"new" is the soul of the Internet, but the latest events in most cases on the Internet may have nothing to do with us, so gradually we may not want to be concerned about the Internet, a stay in the year before the last year even if you write.

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