Discussion on the construction of the chain method how to keep blog the chain wheel

chain wheel Shanghai Longfeng is optimized site to establish a high quality one-way import links to, so as to improve the web page in the search engine ranking. In the eyes of search engines, single.

listen to a lot of use of the chain wheel of this new Shanghai Dragon Technology friend said, the effect is very good, used to promote a website will play a very significant effect, and the blog, micro-blog is not only used to raise a website, we can be used to enhance the site of many love Shanghai weight the amount collected, ranking, etc..

with the topological graph below I will give you a detailed way to interpret the chain how to do it.

first to look at a diagram method of wheel chain basic:

I found that since I started writing this blog, on the study of Shanghai dragon more and more deeply, although I do Shanghai dragon has been short time, but there has been no system to summarize and study the Shanghai dragon website promotion knowledge, before has always been to do profitable website, do webmaster the first thing is. My purpose of writing this blog is to give yourself a note in the search engine optimization ranking on the road.


these days, I major in technology research website construction of the external links, was interested in a new website external links made in recent Shanghai dragon circles appeared. This method is from the United States linkwheeler website over the so-called "chain wheel" is also called "chain" is a means to say it is not new, if I tell you is actually the chain wheel system of the station, you will see light suddenly. However, the chain wheel and station group still has the very big difference, the chain wheel is mainly through the interactive function to keep some third party blog, such as micro-blog Web2.0 era to enhance the number of Web site outside of the chain to achieve the optimization of search ranking results, and the station group to promote Shanghai Longfeng speaking in the website optimization, is a lot of independent domain name IP, space, site, independent business, independent keyword and so on a strategy of occupying all the keywords in a certain industry, achieve the core keywords of an industry ranked in front, so as to bring high conversion rate, as the name suggests, the chain sprocket group just as its name is a want to close the wheel.

through this picture, we can approximate method to round chain, based on the Sina blog blog by captive, love Shanghai, space news blog, blog, blog and other Sohu in the fall in love with the sea high weight for third party blog services on the site, to give us to do the Shanghai dragon a one-way chain, and these are our captive blog link to each other, forming a ring ring loop chain blog.

The working principle of


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