Fast bag Xu Zhiming entrepreneurs Jingdong and other large enterprises to imitate Ali is a dead end

Abstract: Xu Zhiming thinks the big enterprise to be a thing of the past, "there is no enterprise, especially small start-up companies and entrepreneurs, you want to mimic that big business is a dead end." Moreover, in the eyes of Xu Zhiming, the so-called vertical breakdown of the platform has become less and less opportunities.

fast bag "since June 8, 2010 on the line, I will know that sell or close this day will come sooner or later. I didn’t expect Xu Zhiming to hold on for 5 years." That soon will be the founder of the sale of bag news, Hongkong news network editor Li Yan expressed his surprise.

does not seem to sell the news she was surprised, but he actually lasted so long ". She was amazed at the life of the bag, while listing the fatal flaw in what they thought was a fast bag model. ‘free shipping, 1 hours delivery’ is its iconic service, this model was also followed by the major electricity supplier platform to imitate. However, a small website do too large platform? Since the adoption of the amount of money of goods, warehousing, logistics, self built one hour arrival this mode needs too much, it is very difficult to achieve to meet these needs focus, to burn a lot of money."

"burn" is not necessarily to die? I’m afraid not, Jingdong still mall at a loss, many video sites are still trying to burn. For Internet companies, in order to consolidate market share after the brilliant tomorrow it can hardly be avoided burn.

Xu Zhiming does not think he is a failure, only "broken capital chain", "one hour delivery" mode is not bad, but he is no shortage of buyers. "A big company is the hope that after the acquisition of funds will be introduced into the fast bag of money to one hour to do business conversion form again, because he told me the judgment is the same thing, and sometimes fertility days." Xu Zhiming believes that if investors inject funds, willing to continue to do, one hour arrival is still a potential development model.


and the sale, in Xu Zhiming seems more like an explanation to investors." "I put two million dollars, but for me is not the loss of assets, money from speaking, and I have gained so much honor, the biggest loss is investors, because I spent a total investment of about ten million dollars, the about ten million dollars I always have an answer."

, which claims to do online 711 of the electricity supplier, with the sale of investors can be explained". But for many of the "one hour delivery" mode, and the worship worship of entrepreneurs, "one hour arrival" can not be successful? You need a fast bag to charm the process? Exactly how capital chain rupture? These problems still need to get the whole case checking "answer".

fast bag is how to develop the


in the creation of fast bag before, Xu Zhiming has been in the book industry touch climb >

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