A few errors in the enterprise after the new station on the line

love Shanghai about the industry website, find 50, 100 before the site exchange links. The reason for the 50, because 50 people before the station most is not willing to change and new, 50 after easier. Because the station is a peer, so to help enhance the ranking. You can add each other’s QQ to find each other to chat, talk about other topics of interest. A friend, a link should be no problem. You can exchange links every day as a day dosing, one should not add a lot of

analysis: exchange Links improve website weight, attract love there is no non Shanghai robot Italy, but a large number of exchange Links, especially new sites, will be considered as B love Shanghai suspected of being K risk. But most of the industry chain with little relevance. To help improve the website weight is not much.

: I have a client told me before, he has a group of hair tools. The site, open the machine and let him work on the line. This will have a lot of customers, the website will have good rankings. Of course, this is a matter of years ago. Then this method may really work. Now.

error three, using the technique of black hat

modern people more anxious, especially business owners are more anxious, always want to site here on the line, love Shanghai tomorrow will be included, then can be ranked in the Shanghai home of love. Because of the mood of business owners, so often into all sorts of mistakes.

error two, railway station, a large number of transactions Links

seriously original, after adding their own products, set the title of the site, generally good website frame column. The article can be added later. But must be original.

: there are quite a few business owners when the line on the website, in order to achieve fast on-line, love Shanghai included many purposes, a lot of copying online content to enrich their own website, to think a certain amount can, on the website that this kind of indifferent, love will come to Shanghai to the station also included it is good rankings, so he added that Shanghai will be all included in love.

fast ranking

is a misunderstanding, the line on the website have a large copy content, with content after it.

The right approach:

analysis: first in 2 under a large number of copying Scindapsus, content, will be very easy to be love Shanghai think this station is rubbish station, do not have their own content. This included not only can have a problem, but also is in love with the sea station K. Especially the new website, love Shanghai 40 days around the assessment period, if your website to love Shanghai is such a first impression. It is quite bad.

The right approach:

: new online only, the boss was anxious to exchange or purchase the station staff Links, because it is new, so long as the other party to exchange, no matter what the station will change, often a day for more than 10 decades.

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