The website advertising optimization method Daquan

increase the click rate:

Description: this document to improve the CTR and improve the advertising price two dollars to this simple list of listed points advertising selection.

The fatigue rate of

is more similar to the main content of web advertising, the more likely to get a click; put advertising into the content from the visual effect.

1. simple direct advertising

Good ;

users on the same advertising is very fast, the high proportion of loyal users of community website [sns/bbs/blog] is especially important to maintain " " is a good way to change rapidly; attract visitors.

advertising links the content distribution is discrete, easier access to click on

advertising and target pages if inconsistent, can cause the user to have cheated feeling, for a high proportion of loyal users of the forum and other areas, and even lead to advertising to be abolished;

is a picture of advertising, but the use of the target page is wonderful content screenshots, so one can know the past to see what

statementThe use of ad Click Rate on content Although the


4. as background

6. ad to frequently change


9, ad size

468 x 60, 300 x 250, 336 x, 280 X90, 728 160×600. Obviously, a large advertising graphics easier to attract the attention of the user, so the cross of different size >

in advertising text can be called, can arouse the curiosity and interest of visitors, such as " CLICK; HERE" also can be in time, such as " the last chance ". Can also be " free " words like, look left threadbare words are often able to play a dramatic effect.

is usually " comprehensive website; the latest " or "hot" position, therefore, if placed in the position near the advertising will become the highlight to attract more people to pay attention to.

2. honest advertisers

inclusive 5. ;

3. select the target page content rich advertising

8, using the appropriate

7, the advertisement near the main contents of the website


target page rich content allows users to have a return visit interest, especially for a high proportion of loyal users, because users click on ads when the psychological cost is relatively high, after all, is the site of a region to another region, so expect rich content can enjoy

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