The novice should be wary of Shanghai dragon psychological disorder

A psychological disorder of ?

why? Why is it


1. understanding is confronted with the reality, the giant wall retaining anterior

? ?It is because of the difficulty of

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roots, what are not, only an empty ability, encountered strong competitors, often have a professional team in the operation, if the friction in the blink of an eye, the opponent was making event ruined, DoS attack, an attack will be back before liberation, blow up is cannot bear to think of the past.

in this long process, more avoid all kinds of setbacks, Jane Shanghai Longfeng summed up the following suggestions, hope to help.

Shanghai dragon with any technology from a macro point of view the basic path not what difference, white – Learning – growth – – – – the experience of successful experience setbacks. Such a process over and over again. This process will inevitably be loneliness, frustration, psychological disorders of three-in-one. You can say this humble industry which have imagined so beautiful?

think you are good at art, but you have no contacts, no money, no team, no lucky mentor, but you have a painting skills, but some people do not think so ah, what is the use of the technology of light ah, wages are not high, but not what the future no one, no money no longer alone and that is more than worry. This situation is not often encountered in

In the case of

of course, although the process has similar macro, but specifically, this industry is really long legs ah, can walk around everywhere, if you are a master, you can turn your love from all kinds of occupation, it completely does not affect the path of your life, despite the company’s bonds, but also temporarily, the industry can’t lock your.

why life is often the case

we have to find the root of this situation is not

A group of people ?


2. is not the objective conditions

Shanghai dragon new experience, can not produce the proper understanding of the Shanghai dragon, often it is broken, when good is good, not only is the problem, but also the lack of a precise understanding of the industry and technology. Of course, still lack a successful experience.

are often are afraid to fight, not once but two times, they often suffer from this reality, to encounter such a situation has not had the brave heart for the first time, but becomes timidity, shilly-shally, not afraid of failure, but that is impossible what.

through careful communication and understanding, you slowly discovered that most of the reasons are the following:

but for some novice can is not the same, they might… .

objective conditions? Or because he is the heart of this kind of

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