Why the new site has not be included personal views

this is a app to do the site not what problem but the source code of the website will find the website title keywords weight repeated quite powerful, may have been close to the dangerous state of the stack keywords, so the website search engine to you is not friendly, want him to record your website certainly it is more difficult than the general, but see 360 included can explain to your website, do better than other search engines love Shanghai time.

(www.uanqiu贵族宝贝) the domain name you check with the webmaster tools can see the following:

can clearly see the domain name and the domain name is not the same as the general domain name age has been six months a year, has already expired, it has been re registered but the original information is not updated, this is why? At this time some webmaster friends may say is not updated online to cache million is good in fact, that is right but have not thought about why the domain name does not update the display delay before information? Zhengzhou app believes that this is mainly due to the amount of information on the Internet if his, careful friends can see his search outside the chain of more than 40000, but the station never send the chain.

fell in love with the sea quantity index (Figure):

: a domain name for their own reasonsTake

and if you open the relevant content of those outside the chain or search word domain name you will find this website’s predecessor, here can say the words stand predecessor is not a good website, interested owners can communicate with each other about their research, see one of the main reasons here can come to this website this site has not been included is the domain name "criminal record", and register too fast on the Internet, there is a considerable amount of information of the domain name. So that your domain display is not normal is not normal.

from the above situation can be seen from the station included the day (May 5th) from the Shanghai station of love has not index the content of this kind of situation is very bad, he can probably love Shanghai spiders from the station didn’t come to your website at least love Shanghai this time is not to climb any content from you on the site, if the site has been so sure is not included, below I will from several angles to analysis why spiders don’t come to your website or to your website is not up to any content:

new website why not included personal views of

recently some webmaster friends asked me: why is my new station for a long time has not been included just love Shanghai, my own hand has a app website something of this kind of situation, take this opportunity to talk about the right we support right you don’t scold, you don’t get wordy first, direct examples:

two: the title of the site

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