Three ways of website content

about 4. people writing; this, through the analysis of the characteristics of their industry, looking for some help you write the manuscript, but also a good way, each industry will have some people who are good at writing, so the book is also a good way, it is to use the accumulation of contacts, find for >

2. subscription; this is a method of my own love, will subscribe to the end, find some good blog, then to subscribe, and then posted to their website, but it is best to leave some copyright information, another point is that through the noble baby blog search, or soso blog search, to search for this the blog, then a subscription, which is the most efficient method, generally through the mail subscription, an important source of the original article here is their own website, do not give up

Shanghai dragon, method is very important, there is no good way, what are the clouds, methods in order to better serve the public, Shanghai dragon also have a period of time, in fact, some simple keyword is relatively easy to do, but Shanghai Long Fengmei individuals have the method of each person, Shanghai there are too many onrush and dragon, but the most important is the original king, the chain for the emperor, this sentence, Hamlett belongs to everyone, to find suitable for their own set of methods, you can negotiate, under their own understanding of these methods, first talk about the contents of the website search and do the contents of the main

3. acquisition; a key acquisition is we do content, to expand the number of acquisition greatly in a short period of time, to se or to the users and has a direct effect, but a long time, can be found on the web site there are a lot of topics of network, can be considered cheating. The acquisition may result in the mirror, may be included in the series of spam sites, remember at A5, a Shanghai dragon Er through the acquisition of the article, increase the site collected within a short period of time, but after some time, found the site ranked out, can improve the acquisition included, but cannot improve the included, only effective is included to bring traffic, so that every page you have become the entrance, in order to improve the flow.

1. original; find a more familiar with their own industry to do the content, write some original articles, and some articles to attract readers come to see, this is a very good method to write the original article, glittering and moving, the original article publicity in place, but also has a strong effect, but the original page needs his writing ability, this ability can be through long time writing exercise, learn Shanghai dragon also learn the writing ability, these are all we have, you know? Based Shanghai dragon then, some programmers look likely to understand, and then look at the books, but do not simply read the original. You can get out, every original is his grasp of the actual combat experience, as long as the experience could have profound insights, original articles, so much for Data of combat.

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