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entrepreneurial atmosphere: north big social, Southern small circle

according to relevant information, in 2014 a total of 1878 domestic Internet financing pen, the total amount of more than 100 billion yuan, a substantial increase in 2013 compared to the same period. In the mobile Internet spawned, the upgrading of many industries, transformation, the birth of an unprecedented number of entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, the official put forward "hit guest", "public entrepreneurship" and other concepts, entrepreneurship was mentioned at the national level.


, "shlf1314" localization of China next step is to consider a Chinese name." shlf1314 Greater China President Zhou Shaoning said, to really integrate into the China market, there must be a unique and impressive Chinese name, "not necessarily as catchy as Coca-Cola and BMW, but must be rooted in the hearts of the people".

"search results that are related to scientific knowledge, rather than the related news reports." shlf1314 Product Manager Zhao Yuke told reporters.

At present, the main source of

"search or online information, some data is not online, but we can also tell the user in the search results, which can be found in the publications, but the premise is that these institutions should be provided to the shlf1314 database". Li Kaifu said that in the future does not rule out the use of "Crawler" technology to climb out more information and data on the network does not exist.

and academic partners search at different links, sh419 search results Ancient Chinese Literature Search guidelines is the final content. sh419 marketing director Liang Dong told reporters, "Guoxue search" is provided by the national network to sh419, sh419 users for free use, sh419 does not need to pay any fees to the national network.


brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

start-ups coffee shop development gap is so great, and the north and South entrepreneurial atmosphere has a great relationship: Northern entrepreneurs like to get together, southern entrepreneurs are more emphasis on small circles. WeChat weekend open circle of friends, mostly in Beijing entrepreneurs to participate in various meetings: Entrepreneurial Coffee Salon, forums, thousands of people lie, all tall, not stop completely; Shenzhen entrepreneurs topic more overtime, climbing, family, friends and so on life breath in enriching the content.

Windstore is an entrepreneur who has worked in Shenzhen and Beijing. His last project was in Beijing and later returned to Shenzhen to develop. His deepest feeling is that the entrepreneurial atmosphere in Beijing is too strong and too hot. Not to mention that Zhongguancun’s entrepreneurial street is a popular area like 3W or coffee, and even if you go to any startup cafe, there’s a bunch of people in full swing discussing ideals or delusions, though maybe next

no doubt, a predictable, more intense entrepreneurial climax is about to sweep across the river. No matter what the south of Guangdong, Shanghai or the north of Beijing is, there will be more people entering into the tide of entrepreneurship. According to IT statistics report: the total number of orange start-up company in Beijing Guangdong and Shanghai is almost equal to the sum of the amount of investment is between and, but the data indicate that the South startups are gradually catch up with Beijing, the proportion of the decline.

is also an interesting, but not overlooked phenomenon: due to cultural, geographical, economic and other factors, there are huge differences and differences between the South and the North Internet practitioners. Below we start from the entrepreneurial atmosphere, public opinion, business models and other aspects of specific analysis of these differences.

according to incomplete statistics, as of 2014, the country has more than 30 cities, more than 100 start-ups and services related to the coffee shop teahouse opened, services include entrepreneurs, meetings, project negotiations. Among them, Beijing venture cafe, including garage coffee, 3W coffee, coffee will help, Chihiro coffee, coffee, coffee, Binggo beta Founder s Coffee; Shanghai IC coffee, coffee, ATA micro coffee etc.. Shenzhen’s beta, 3W, starting point, innovation Valley, etc., compared to Beijing, the southern entrepreneurial coffee atmosphere is poor, even called bleak, less in quantity, and even on the verge of bankruptcy.

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