On the website of past and present the core principles of the search engine you really understand it

need to focus on is: search

navigation website appears, the search engine appears


due to the large popularity of mobile tools, along with the social media trend of explosive development, and business concern, website owners are increasingly concerned about the current means of network marketing, it seems Shanghai Longfeng prospects uncertain, in four or five years ago as the Shanghai dragon fire such as the tea industry, now more and more few people interested. In the study of social marketing, WeChat marketing etc..


at the same time, there was a certain threshold of the Internet industry, social media in the spread of the concept at the same time, suddenly it seems that everyone can do network operations like, on the board of directors to the company, to sweep the aunt, can show country a few words, I see a micro shop


later, more and more websites, especially more and more different websites are similar, which appeared in the two problems, one problem is that we are able to remember all the website; the second problem is that we can not confirm which website better.

? ! ! origin and search engine core engine principle

is like a big library, if there is no index, you cannot find the topic you’re looking for a quick book, you don’t know which book is more appropriate.

of that popular shows a good understanding of:

No1: search engine

to understand some concepts, help the judge:

in fact, behind the bustling, how many false! Crazy after the inevitable is a large area of destruction

A search engine

Shanghai Longfeng whether there is the meaning of existence, whether still need to get attention, I think, is no doubt the

= search engine optimization, as the name suggests, is a series of actions to make search engine optimization, in order to achieve the retrieval process in the natural ranking, so pay more attention to their own website.

want to be able to judge, need to understand the spirit of the Internet fundamentally understand fundamentally the significance of Shanghai dragon.

that we can understand that the search engine is to help.

Shanghai dragon

looks like those of us old guys have no jobs! The news recently after 90 boss dare clamored for a dividend of 1 hundred million years! We are still wondering how to do the corresponding activities.


sounds very simple, but really very simple

the first time web sites rarely, and even less to only a few stationmaster, they visit each other’s site each other, how do they do it, remember IP, direct dial phone, just like the same; like how many books are there in your own home, you are very clear, easy to find;

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