Hunan Shanghai dragon about one year experience in network promotion

network promotion third – industry network promotion: mainly for his company’s product information to promotion, achieve the role of the two. First, you can search your product information in the industry Web site second, you can search the information in the search engine industry, network promotion is one of the most important ways to promote.

Network Promotion Forum promotion: promotion of forum is familiar, but the role of the forum is still very large, mainly to see the individual products and the site is belong to which type of type, according to their website to choose the forum, to promote their own websites or directional products.

network promotion blog promotion: now for the blog is not much action, but now with the blog of more people, so there are still some effect of the blog promotion, blog promotion is mainly published articles and blog, comments and other promotion.


graduated from graduated until now has been almost a year, before I learn is web design, but I love new things, so I see from the Internet information, understand the knowledge of the network, however, let me learn the most is the network promotion, a large occupation on the network. After a year of promotion experience, now have a set of their own network promotion plan. So, today I learn me to tell you, let us better to promote their products or website.

The first one –

network promotion fourth strokes – the promotion: this recruit is severe, but still want to compare literary talent to promote good, the effect is quite good.

Second strokes –

network promotion fifth strokes – Network favorites promotion: now a lot of people in the network favorites to search inside the article, if can put their information collection to the website, then bring the flow is not estimated.

network promotion sixth move – love Shanghai know: it can be said to everybody, if you make good use of Shanghai love to know it, then your product sales will greatly improve, love Shanghai know love is the product of Shanghai, so ranking is very high, so we use only to love Shanghai know the turnover rate of products, do not worry. I was more than one years experience in some way can be extended. From the original Hunan Shanghai Dragon (www. Shanghai dragon please keep. Thank you

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