How to make the key words here are a number of web page SERP

if it is for the new to do a keyword in the search, will find their own brand keywords, there are only two "is our company", "the other is either

so what kind of website search engine to each site said, we look at two examples below, www.xxx贵族宝贝/ and www.xxss贵族宝贝 in the US and the search engine’s eyes are independent of the site of www.xxx贵族宝贝/ and www.xx贵族宝贝/youhua in the Shanghai dragon eyes of search engines and the user’s eyes also belong to the same website, www.xxx贵族宝贝 Shanghai Dragon and.Xxx贵族宝贝 in the search engine eyes belong to two different sites, but many users think it belongs to the same site.

keywords SERP here are a number of pages on the web, this problem I remember once in a Shanghai dragon group in the discussion, we are from different viewpoints. According to a recent experience, here and everyone to share my ideas,

This paper comes from 贵族宝贝sybenet贵族宝贝

love Shanghai search "China Telecom" to see a URL home page ranking SERP, and using the two level domain name

if you think to put a brand word or a keyword optimization of multiple URL. There are two methods. One method is to enable the independent domain name, another method is to enable two or more stages of domain name, domain name of multistage effect is not level two, and the two level domain name and domain name has no independent effect.

How to make

: please keep the URL


love Shanghai search car home to see with more than two URL, which is two level domain name used by

we look at a case, when we are in search of "China Telecom" or "car home" found a lot of URL can also appear in the SERP page.


love Shanghai products, or is someone else’s website, this time some webmaster friends very depressed. In fact, the search engine is to allow users to see different information, and if the search information is the same company’s website, the search engine users may think that the search engine has a problem, so many search engines in the development of the time limit, each domain name to show the two list on the home page only. Of course, each site here is from each search engine’s point of view, instead of our user’s point of view.

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