O2O home into the second half of the investment in the eyes of most early Unicorn

Abstract: the overall trend is "Jiezhuang increasingly heavy" which is the emphasis on "light" pattern of small companies gradually difficult to adapt to the cold winter, eliminated in recent years under the banner of "small information internet decoration under the banner of the subcontractor, capital to several well-known company to track the move left.

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at the beginning of 2016, with the "inventory" of the order, around the property market gradually pick up, and supporting a series of corresponding policies, in short is a signal to the north of Guangzhou, the ability to buy a house should buy early, or prices rise, small white-collar workers have to work overtime in the struggle for building the vampire ten years.

a city destined to bear the mortgage, the new middle class

who has the ability to buy a house in a big city, according to the latest report released by the Bank of credit by the end of 2015, China’s middle class in 2015 reached 109 million, accounting for about 10.7% of the total population of the country. But at home, white-collar workers, who are thought to be middle-class, generally do not want to admit that they are the middle class, and most people think they are living a hard life. These people are more concentrated in the north of Guangzhou, high education, high income, high consumption, and investment enthusiasm of the last year of the stock market, and the influence of all kinds of P2P run road tide, this situation will force them back to select those reliable safe haven investments, and in China, and real estate is still the relatively stable, and most of them are in the marriageable age, whether it is in the north of Guangzhou with a salary and provident fund housing loan, or to flee North Canton, back home buyers, they can escape from getting married life tasks.

This effect of

in stimulating consumption, the middle class consumption upgrade is coming once go forward with great strength and vigour, the popularity of the grass root economy "ebb tide, you will now find even Lei have never to mention millet is" grass root to the world ", 85, the first 90 generation began to mature, become the backbone class the 2016," to stock ", real estate overall pick, in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, a few hours after the opening of the developers, housing was sold out, and as the downstream industry of real estate, home industry, spring comes again.

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sellers thinking" conflict between

and "new middle consumption experience"

standing in the industry, in the home improvement chain, has produced a huge asymmetry, first of all, in the upper reaches of the Home Furnishing building materials industry has a very typical sellers thinking "in the past." The typical idea is: I sell goods, I’ll focus on quality and brand, good products, advertising started, naturally sell themselves. This kind of thinking in traditional Jiezhuang era once popular, but the traditional "sellers type thinking", and it is the rise of the city’s "new middle class" concept of consumption, has a huge conflict of natural


while in the C end, big city based

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