How to control the cost to the lowest bid in Shanghai


, the foreign company has two sites, the two sites are alternately extended, this is when a website without money, another site can be on top, not under the framework of the situation. This will greatly improve the promotion influence, not to miss some important clients.

three, set a good promotion Keywords, should look at the love of Shanghai index, search love index inside the various provinces of Shanghai, we can determine the direction of our promotion according to this data. For example, we are aiming at the customers, so we can only open the province, there is no need to open in other provinces, it is wasted and promotion expenses.

two, followed by the love of Shanghai should be divided into day and night for two accounts at the same time, there may be a lot of friends have to wonder, why do? Watch love Shanghai for friends all know the day the auction business a lot, and the night is almost no bidding, so if we the day the bidding account to promote, so the price is certainly or day the price will be much higher. With another account in the evening to bidding, because there is no competitors, we can use a very low price, thus eliminating the need for a small promotion expenses.

believes that Shanghai had a love of people should understand the bidding experience, if you love Shanghai bidding not when then loss will be very serious, I was responsible for a foreign company, love Shanghai auction, the average daily promotion costs about twenty thousand yuan, so high bidding cost is brought about by the Advisory more than 60 a day. The first is the boss of the company personally love Shanghai bidding management, because do not understand what to spend a lot of money, then find some professional personnel to love Shanghai bidding management, the control of the budget, and also added a lot of words on the basis of the original information of the wider coverage. Through the success of love Shanghai for promotion, this study company bigger, performance has exceeded 100 million yuan. I love Shanghai bidding must go to reasonable planning and layout, so as to realize the maximization of the cost of use, here we have to analysis through the company how to love Shanghai for the lowest cost.


analysis of the above three points, I believe we have some ideas already basically, general business promotion time is eight a.m. to five p.m., this is basically the corresponding enterprises and the work time is. We can make full use of the time difference, so the promotion effect is more obvious and concessions, so as to let the enterprises save money, and does not appear to promote the time gap, which can greatly reduce the marketing costs of enterprises.

, we must first determine the core keywords of the enterprise, the key words set to match exactly, if enough funding can be.

should be paid attention to in the choice of the local

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