Shanghai ranked the webmaster love and decide on what path to follow


I suggest the webmaster can write the original quality and improve the site’s ranking. As a webmaster, do website is to give users see, your site as long as the user needs, sooner or later from the search engine in talent shows itself.

back to the theme, according to the recent observation, since love Shanghai adjustment, many sites ranking has not been stable, ranking fluctuations greatly, there are still a lot of garbage sites ranking there and love Shanghai home. However, Shanghai has recently launched the official love love Shanghai’s Mars program was officially implemented, to publish original articles or encourage.

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Wenzhou to help do original, reproduced please indicate the original address 贵族宝贝win8f贵族宝贝/wangzhanxinwen/8.html

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believe that the webmaster friends all know, love Shanghai from 2012 to June 28th adjustment algorithm, penalty most optimization excessive and low quality content sites, including the author’s website. After that, a lot of the link has been basically no, facts can prove that the fight against the trade links and pseudo original collection site is a little effect, but also can not be said to be completely successful, because there are still many innocent sites have been implicated. However, later also love Shanghai restore the weight part of the site and ranking, also in Shanghai official said in a statement against mistakes.

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recently, the author do a great many sites in the rankings fluctuations in Shanghai love, that is some website optimization excessive or the chain caused by the instability of the. From the analysis of the reasons, to learn from the relevant peer website, that is essential for this phenomenon. Facts have proved that, this is the love of Shanghai’s own problems caused by the adjustment algorithm.

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