Search engine optimization results interesting industry surveys from 2011 local

1, in the past 12 months, the 30% annual income of less than $300000


5, the store more than 50% of the Shanghai dragon new business provider has more than 70% success rate of

This paper from the rural education network 贵族宝贝>

3, in 2010, 31% of the respondents is Shanghai dragon


on our Shanghai Longfeng nature of this trade seems to have many different views, ranging from "stimulus" to "dynamic" to "the myriads of changes". Although some conflict views, but it is also a fact that cannot be denied, that is the online advertising market in the past few years is a great leap forward development. This positive trend is expected to remain unchanged. According to the prediction of BIA shows that online advertising will be in 2010 to 2015 the U.S. market doubled, reached a staggering $4 billion 500 million.

although it looks good on paper, but in reality what it is for Shanghai dragon global 2011? The main purpose of this investigation is to have a search engine to answer this question. The survey including the annual turnover, price, service, growth forecasts, whether or not they love search engine optimization more than 1150 different subject. Although the investigation is still in progress, the following 6 main results have been made of the icon.




Other findings:

survey also explored the attitudes of participants, the impact of social media, the impact on the local business sector. In addition, it also asked some of their daily activities and lists the Shanghai dragon, a love and the love list. Come to a result, the construction of the most boring task is the construction of the chain and directory. First, the Shanghai dragon activities include the development of new business information, including blog, micro-blog and so on to attend the meeting, write.




2, compared with last year, this year the local Shanghai Longfeng customers more

6, 82% of Shanghai Longfeng providers expect their business growth next year.

4, a local Shanghai Longfeng provider more customers than last year management

2011 local Shanghai dragon industry survey found that:


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