Schindler Shanghai Dragon share fast included within 24 hours of the site experience

website set up after the completion of necessary into static or pseudo static, the dynamic page is easy to generate a trap or a cycle of death, usually the spider will more alert dynamic website, it will also have to avoid included dynamic pages, although the search engine can also included dynamic pages, most weight is high, but the spider or a static page love is safe, so I suggest you make a static page.

Some sites submitted a long delay

why immediately be included and some station submitted several months home or cannot be included, if the promotion method used is the same, but the result is not the same, the reason lies in the structure and content of the web site. The new station is set up, some people can’t wait to put the website submitted to the search engine, in fact, this is a mistake, once found recorded the imperfections of the page, want to remove these pages take a long time. Here I introduce some parsed domain name to get a few points.


2. to improve the website of

1. shielding

home page is not included, even if the promotion is useless, the home page was collected a note on the site has a certain weight, this is can in some weight high frequent spider crawling website with the chain anchor text increase the spider crawling number.


improve the content of the website is very important, bait in the weight of the high site spiders crawl the website for the first time, for the first time will crawl the web to assess the site impression determines days after crawling the number of contacts with people like this have a good impression will continue contacts, possibility is not contrary to many more times the spider crawling included speed will be faster.

site structure spider

above is to make the site faster included skills and I hope to help the webmaster, Schindler released in Fuzhou by Shanghai dragon printing 贵族宝贝fzywzx贵族宝贝, please keep the connection

in the parsed domain name, is not perfect not blind site before the site was submitted to the search engine, the first to write some code to shield the spider so as not to complete the page is included. Perhaps the crawling spider will not afraid not afraid if the first ten thousand preventive measures.

site link level should be uniform, the weights between pages to transfer useful pages, don’t let go the weight of no value to the page, but the website internal links can not be too dense, should be appropriate to link to each page you want to promote useful. Before the line needs to check whether there is a "dead link, shielding dead link is also very important, but also detect the site access speed, should not be too much.


5. home page


Some stations have been submitted to 3. static

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