Taobao Taobao ranking natural inquiry station Shanghai dragon algorithm

Taobao search and in fact most of the search engine is the same, I give below two diagram to explain to you, to facilitate understanding, please don’t be too tangled following implementation of the principle of technology, as long as we know about the implementation process can be.



user request data diagram of


data storage word

Schematic diagram of Working principle of

taobao贵族宝贝 as the largest comprehensive business platform, with its huge user groups won many sellers joined Taobao, which also triggered a fierce competition between the Taobao business, this situation makes the Taobao search (Taobao Shanghai dragon) is particularly important, Zhang Fangwen today to share some knowledge of Taobao search rankings algorithm. (Note: I did not fully understand the Taobao search algorithm system, because the influence factors of Taobao search results are many, and these factors is not stable, so far no one quite familiar with Taobao search system, please don’t listen to the network on some of the so-called Taobao search algorithm is not entirely reliable speech.

for data entry after the analysis, the user search requests, the program will be the search request to the index server, then the server will index related keywords to the inverted index database, data query, and then combined with the document server, the query results submitted to the algorithm system (Taobao research station today search algorithm), sorting, the user sees the relevant search results page.

here we formally explain Taobao search algorithm, algorithm > I will

here I am only through observation and Research on my years of Taobao search, combined with the baby optimization suggestion taobao贵族宝贝 official and a large number of Taobao stores index data analysis and summary of Taobao search algorithm and try to figure out some speculation, so as to achieve the purpose of search on the ranking results. This statement: I do not undertake any Taobao search ranking algorithm and optimization of hosting business shop break, please don’t add me to ask about such matters.

Taobao business first upload baby, then Taobao information (product) storage server for storage, preprocessing, segmentation of the baby, and finally the inverted index database document database, inverted index database official explanation: 贵族宝贝 baike.baidu贵族宝贝/link? Url=EQLQJgUyN_Q2zVz1hBXaUE4y8ZgHy5y_NkWCuvFxqXuQj3_4b4iiy0Gdua4M3ER8XA-bHNkaeiY9SgGUkaD-la, and finally the results will be notified to the index server used to wait for the front desk the user search.

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