Preliminary data analysis and optimization of Shanghai Dragon don’t ignore

two keywords and data analysis

Google and love Shanghai are two different algorithms for search engines, if we do is love Shanghai, then we have to go to the Shanghai love search keywords, detailed data analysis of the natural ranking of the top three websites.

1. we must first determine the search engine

2. website data analysis and contrast are those that

< 2> analyzing content: we see their pages open (loaded) speed how, test software testing tool Ping for the website speed, can test the speed of the server, the faster the better, we can analyze the construction of his website itself architecture and page content elements are qualified from the speed, because these will affect the site loading speed. (PS: for our website speed test I recommend using the Shanghai statistical love he can be very good to test your station speed)

< 4> text analysis model analysis of its kind.

< 3> correlation (see the contents of the high and low or general) mainly depends on the correlation between core keywords and website content in the title of the site, whether there is some irrelevant keywords garbage and the core content, the correlation more conducive to our keyword ranking.


, a keyword ranking competition analysis

the What specific

we all know modaobuwukanchaigong this one reason, in our website optimization is the same, because many owners eager to give leadership job in pursuit of a keyword ranking would pick up a keyword that you do not bring the final conversion rate will not let the boss or the boss is satisfied, in the website optimization before the data analysis work is very important, which is mainly analysis data, the webmaster do not ignore, we only do the data analysis we can determine the direction of optimization, so we start work come in handy here and previous data of Shanghai Longfeng optimization share analysis of several considerations.

we want to understand what we do reasonable data analysis, comparison and analysis of the data for us to the top three keywords natural sites, analysis of keywords ranking competition, many owners will ask why we do it, our time is very simple ranking optimization we have limited resources is limited, we do not have unlimited time to do an analysis of these rankings, in order that we make a reasonable estimate of the ranking time and optimize resources, to prevent the US type optimization way.

< 1> the title of the analysis of this point is to see whether he meets the reasonable title, whether there was a list of keywords too much long and short title title and title, if the title is standard, it can be seen that one word of the competition website.

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