Wang opened the mystery shop exclusive product exposure rate

information to the row in search results is not unattainable, the key is to follow the correct method to persevere to do, take care of players under the Pu, so usually, how should we go to our shop?

3. Pu want to keep

product information is a daily essential step, but to truly effective retransmission information out? Because each product prescribed a day can only serve again, so we have to choose the right time, the time period of retransmission. Morning and afternoon 9:00 8:00 – 13:00 – 14:00 is the best time to release this time, because few retransmission products, while the release of information, you can immediately see the results of the retransmission information. Of course, can also be partial, an average of two hours were released once, until the end of all products. In short, every day at least partial retransmission two product information.

follow the above four product release rules, improve the Pu product exposure rate will come naturally.


online this problem may be ignored by many people, feel not want not what. This is extremely wrong. Just imagine, if there is a potential customer in visiting your product details, still want to further understanding of products through the pre consultation this time, want to send a message no response, users generally in a few minutes later you will close the shop page.

supply and demand informationThe old product publication Repeat

4. update your


when we usually publish the product shop with an automatic calculation of product quality of the star tool, and in accordance with the above requirements, the title product attributes and the detailed information of each column can not be careless, finally each information quality standards with five-star, must be at least four stars.

1. release product information to the high quality of

First page of the

exposure is also in the Alibaba product search inside the column to search the product of the company, also is the information of products, and products are ranked and product information quality and update time is closely related to the.

do promotion in the Alibaba, if the user is not search you PU products, also is the product of the exposure rate is not high enough, the exposure rate then will attract users to click on your product, then inquiry until the transaction. So the exposure rate of the transactions is primary, the products show out is likely to receive more consultation. According to Ali small promotion experience in the past, today to share with you how to improve the exposure rate of Pu products.

online docking >

is updated from time to time, supply and demand information updating is a very fine thing, you can in your product information released to modify some text and pictures. Even the punctuation, can also be updated.

2. product to pick the time

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