What are the reasons for the site to flow down

then the ranking dropped, in most cases, the website traffic is reduced. Of course, there are very few parts of the situation, website traffic will not be greatly affected, this will give an example.

content reduction optimization.

of a site traffic and a lot of what factors?.

chain – right down the chain, Links, modified;

chain loss;

to analyze reasons of website drop rightThe

changes within the site chain;

so this time reflects the daily data record is very important. Or your website problems, usually do not record the data, find myself not a problem.

the long tail word page recently modified, for example: the content changes, resulting in changes in the keyword density.

What are the reasons for

website to show when all the sick, is caused by many factors, the search engine is a scoring mechanism to the website, the website did not do well in this place, a point deduction score, total score is still level, so that the buckle a little, a little, a buckle buckle buckle is below the horizontal line first, so when the search engine will be on site to take measures. All to the site to flow down is the same, we can find out the site to flow down, for many reasons, a lot of factors. But the fuse is also the reason so few.

site traffic decreased

2, or all the keywords ranking drop

, a

this is a local phenomenon;

We found that

for the most part, keyword ranking dropped, website traffic will be reduced. This time to analyze the reasons of the decline of the web site keywords ranking.

, keywords ranking drop

keyword ranking;The top three

site traffic is reduced, keywords ranking drop, cause analysis before, we have to do some survey data, what data? What part to identify keywords website ranking drop.

Right – spam, excessive Keywords

is a directory PV reduction, PV reduction analysis why.

The 1 part is

, keywords ranking drop

2, all keywords ranking drop;


3, some sites keywords ranking dropped, but the flow and website >

talk about a relatively large impact:

keywords is in possession of the vast majority of the traffic flow of keywords. About 60%-70%

The 1 part is


first think of the site is down right, resulting in a large area of the site keywords change,

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