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Don’t write the title of the ?

today said the title label we should pay attention to the place, remind everyone. This article from the original www.81061552贵族宝贝 station, please indicate the

I remember PowerEasy CMS is such a form: home > > column; the title of the article, the article page Zblog some template too, we should pay attention to the format, in general is this: the title column page.






page title is very old topic, I think friends are familiar with, are aware of the importance of title tag in Shanghai Longfeng; because the title is the most easy to see users browse, click on the most easy to produce. It is recommended that title should close after before, don’t title out of order to write some code, let search engine half did not find your website title tag in

keyword stuffing, for example: you write a _ Wangzhuan Wangzhuan _ free Wangzhuan forum which you write, direct free Wangzhuan forum which is not easy, why are you so complicated? (for example) the caption is necessary to write this

Hello, I contact Shanghai Longfeng a year, despite what rich experience alone, but there are some small tips, tips; today is to friends said title should pay attention to the title tag.


keyword to appear in the front of the title, which is beneficial to the keywords ranking; so now we often see this.

title link symbol I think many of my friends are very tangled, – >, |, _;, etc., should use what? What is the difference between the several no, just said that shows out good visual effect, so that users can see a very eye-catching, click desire. Look at the picture, you want to click on a look?


Title The number of words should be limited to? The question I asked many friends, after all is not a limit to what you write many search engines do not show all but… Omitted, can only say that love in Shanghai display words is 30 Chinese character, noble baby is 32 Chinese character.

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