The website ranking is not easy to say love you

two, not just as simple as that content is king


three, the chain is what kind of "King"

four, traffic analysis is the key of


when the website content is made very good, we have to think of a plan, including what we do outside the chain, in which the site outside the chain is better, the company owned industry what our website for the chain, which website can do brand promotion, what site outside the chain high weight. In fact, the chain is the chain practice reference Shuangseqiu forecast the. I believe that as long as there is the strategic plan chain, finally, our website ranking will be stable on the

site through the above optimization, came a lot of traffic, this time can not relax, it is very important to do website traffic analysis and summary of the work! Because the correct analysis of website traffic sources and web site keywords and user flow rate and jump jump out of the page analysis, > ten

although the "same", some small change is a big change for the entire site, in this case, we need to analyze. Firstly, analysis and optimization of conditions on the site during this period of time, it will be cause website ranking drop, then check to see whether the industry’s fluctuation, finally, can also take a look at our competitor’s website is also affected. It is also an evaluation of our work on the stage, only the analysis of the question of where we can be an antidote against the disease. At the same time as the next step to do website ranking to lay a solid foundation for


no matter what type of website, your website is to the user, rather than search engine. If the spider users feel good, feel good, spider slowly will follow the views of users, slowly away from you. So, on the Internet to survive, it must do the content on the website! Of course, the content is not so easy to do, I think, we want to make the content of construction, we must do a good job on the content of the construction plan, look at our customers love what we do! Then planning include: what we have, what as the focus of the web site, which can put the contents as speculation site, and what is the site of the selling point, and what is our absolute original for

! !

, a good ranking analysis


I believe most of the webmaster of the site’s ranking is love and hate, why? What is the first thing you every morning to open the computer, for the webmaster, not QQ, not LOL, it is not a drama, but the webmaster tools, point to open a comprehensive inquiry, alas! Website ranking and unstable. A few days, feeling and sleep well; wow! A keyword from page third jumped to the first page, feel the efforts of half a month have not been in vain… I was so, so you? Here to share my experience as a few small webmaster, welcome clap brick

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