Website optimization nofollow tags only shield weight transfer


general nofollow tags are shielding the weight transfer value, while the normal spider will crawl the page properly included, robots is completely shielded spider crawl, will not be included in the search engine website promotion. We do stand in the nofollow tag, add the nofollow directly to the station without meaning links page, so that we can not as a lot of website promotion weight loss.

1, nofollow grammar nofollow is an attribute of all link tag. General syntax is expressed as: for example: keywords.

property of the nofollow (1), the station advertising need to join the nofollow link. Because irrelevant content will affect the current page quality, reduce the site correlation, therefore, should carry out the nofollow weight transfer. (2), we also add a distrust of the link. It has uniqueness, must add an absolute address.

2, how to use the

special chain optimization:

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secondsWebsite optimization

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization without pressure >

here one might expect to do the nofollow label trouble ah, using robots to write directly on don’t let the spider to climb it? It is actually wrong, assuming a network marketing forum registered landing pages and some related pages, then we can use robots directly to the spider crawl on it. But if we do is enterprise station, will use the nofollow tag, such as navigation, contact us online message, what business promotion, these pages we made is to give users see, not to see the spider, if you do not add value will be scattered so nofollow station website promotion weight, of course here. We can not use robots.

read the description of our general understanding of the characteristics of nofollow and robots, then the difference in what place? Nofollow: shielding weight value transfer but does not shield the spiders crawl the website promotion.

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robots: the complete shielding spider, but will not crawl the page.

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