The new Shanghai dragon ER how to simply judge words heat

two, the number of search results

use this command to search a number of words is a website how much you search, for example, you want to know how many sites in the use of the words to get traffic, Shanghai dragon ER can use the intitle command, intitle: early vitiligo can cure you can find the relevant website.

is the number of search results in search of a word, returns the number of results, such as the search of vitiligo early can be cured, the lower right will appear "to find relevant results about X, this is the number of search results, Shanghai dragon ER can judge the degree of difficulty of the word using this result, if the number of search results 10 in case the word competition is very small, hundreds of thousands more that have a certain degree of difficulty, if it is difficult to reach millions of words, the number of search results can be used as one of the criteria to select keywords webmaster.


four, bid number

webmaster in the selected keywords after the love of Shanghai, you will find the first eight are the promotion of the website, these are the subscribers can in the top eight, everyone has heard that only love Shanghai Sancai flow, so who will not click on the page ten website, the author thinks that in addition to doing optimization, also it is necessary to do the bidding of the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai promotion 8 if the 8 promotion is saturated, the word that there is a certain value, which belongs to the hot search term, if the owners want to optimize the word, to optimize the scheme.


bidding price certainly can explain the word value, if this word has no commercial value will not be paid.

, three of rival

, using intitle

only "the enemy, after the battle was" only by understanding their competitors, in order to better fight against each other, in addition to the website portal website ranking keywords to stations outside of the ranking, the number of the chain, included, site structure, keyword set, you need to plan their site for more than your opponent after understanding competitors.

five, the auction price of

selection is very important for the site itself, the owners are very clear, especially some optimization of the company every day to optimize the different sectors of the website, the customer will give you some words to allow you to optimize to what extent and then pay, but customers do not understand the rules of the industry of Shanghai dragon, not the customer said that word you optimization to optimize the word, to learn to analyze the difficulty of Shanghai dragon ER the word belongs to the kind of hot words, if a small team is impossible to optimize up in a few months, such as customer to let you optimize the word mobile phone, so as Shanghai dragon ER cannot optimize this word too general the communication and customer must be good today, early vitiligo can cure you and share with you how simple judgment ER novice Shanghai Longfeng hot keywords

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