The small website of Shanghai dragon ideas


many Shanghai dragon ER in the analysis of keywords competition degree usually enter a misunderstanding: that love Shanghai as the index, the search results page number of such words is difficult to obtain ranking. The fact is really like this? This is the most intuitive judgment, but not.

, URL of the 3 cognitive

keyword is the core of Shanghai dragon, content, chain, chain, user experience and other tasks will be carried out around the keywords. Many webmaster in order to get good rankings, will find ways to stack keywords, this method may be useful before 2013, but now it would be counterproductive, dangerous draw down right.

two ideas: the combination of keywords to launch. For example, a tourist site around the city to the city from the * * * * hotel special offer "combination derived from many keywords.

small website owners usually have to face the problem of funding constraints, which restrict the site from the Shanghai love auction, other promotional channels to get traffic, and thus had to use conservative economic Shanghai Longfeng way to increase the popularity and traffic. There may be many webmaster will envy the rich resources of large web sites, but the familiar Shanghai Longfeng people understand the internal optimization of Shanghai Longfeng focuses on large sites, small sites and network optimization is the need to co-ordinate global. When a lot of Shanghai dragon Er still in the "Shanghai dragon = original content + Chain" on the cognitive level, it means that they only stay in Shanghai Longfeng surface. Today the Xiamen ICT enterprises and share a small website of Shanghai dragon.

1, expanding

2, keywords layout

for small and medium-sized site is key to good layout is very simple, only need to integrate into the keywords in the title, meta, the title, text, pictures, hyperlinks ALT label these points, can play a very good role that.

three ideas: the occasion to popular words. The network era never many popular events, such as the recent hot dad where to go, the word can be combined with the content of the website, reasonable arrangement in a column, if it is a children’s website can write such an article "" daddy go "daily with children’s clothing, big run if properly optimized, the drainage effect is very good.

thought: website brand around the depth of excavation. For example, * * Brand radiation-proof clothes, around the brand can bring the price, quality, type, appearance, effect and problems, and these problems itself is the best long tail word.


wants to obtain Shanghai Longfeng flow, there must be a large number of keywords to do support. You can locate the main keywords, but not blindly believe that the main keywords. A lot of long tail keywords will often bring by surprise. Here say a few ideas to get the key words.

The In fact,

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