How was in a half the ranking of the first page

1, adhere to the original

today, as usual, ranking the first thing is to open the computer to use Adsense tools to check my site. Surprised to find that yesterday’s website ranking or in tenth, to 5 today, I have a surprise, do not believe in love, so the search box input in Shanghai Nanjing Shanghai dragon, was to see the Nanjing Shanghai dragon _ Ji dove in fifth (my blog blog). It makes me excited for a while, I want to stop to tell the news to the people around me, I share the happiness at the same time, here I want to record the process and experience of one and a half months, the experience for everyone to share.


. At the beginning, the site has not been included, like most students, I always go to see the rankings do good website, then they feel good article copy and paste directly down, but long time did not feel what effect. Before we know the importance of the original. In the cold winter on more than two hours of original work a harvest. Then on the second day, my article was included in Shanghai love.

3, how to engage the user experience. First of all, the article must be valuable, but the best is original. At the beginning, our ranking is not good, not very high degree of recognition. We can make good articles to their friends, and they share so that they give an evaluation. I remember once my article today by a friend of the second day, Shanghai is included. Natural evaluation is the most powerful user approval certificate, this one we can think about how to do better.

concluded that the most important thing is to improve their website quality, and improve site traffic. I like the boss said. A good website and a good marketing, your site’s ranking is not bad. Today.

4, the introduction of natural flow. What is the natural flow? Natural flow is the voluntary click on your website, rather than the kind of illegal traffic into cheating, I always insist on do white hat. Then how about the introduction of natural flow? May be just the beginning of the novice is very upset, there is no ranking, then the natural flow come from? Here I introduce a method can also be. For example: you put your site frequently in various QQ group inside hair to change Links, then will webmaster will analyze your website, this is not the quality of voluntary flow? Links and more helpful to enhance weight is.

2, write useful knowledge to users. Adhere to the original at the same time, we must improve the user experience, also is our original knowledge, be what the user wants to read. Especially for the novice, want to know Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, most of them are white, we need to write some basic knowledge in. This is what they need to say, love Shanghai constantly improve the user experience. Only in this way, our user experience is very good, how do you love Shanghai in the very site on the location of

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