swam for Shanghai Dragon Network Google PR reference value more and more small


two, long-term not update or open the website of PR decreased

Google Although the

, a Google PR for the new update of


update, now has not updated, many owners are also excited a lot of articles on Google update, I hope the stars, looking forward to the moon, the exciting moment is coming today, Google finally update, and update the amplitude phase when large, especially for the new station however, for those high weight website, known as the A5 Adsense nets, Chinaz Adsense nets, they did not update pr. Update from the Google PR, for an understanding of it:

!Since last year, Google

PR big update that brings surprises for many webmaster friends, but also let many webmaster feel sad, because many web site PR off. After analysis: PR off site has two ways: one is often not open the website, although Google is less sensitive than the love of Shanghai, half open web site included and reverse link is still not out of the very powerful, but the Google directly from the PR show, often not open the website PR can be said to be dropped significantly, a record of their own web sites, directly from the PR5 down to no pr. The second is the content of the website and the chain rarely updated site, the value of PR also fell, friends do not know whether the website like

when it comes to love Shanghai this update, think of some time ago in Shanghai unable to restrain the emotions of love, internal server error results in ranking the phenomenon of chaos. Google PR is greatly improved with love as Shanghai is their internal server errors? Or Google in internal adjustment? Because of the Google update with the past is different, former Google p>

The object

Google update is the low weight of new sites, although it is a new station, but as long as your long-term update it, the quality of the chain, it will certainly improve your PR value, a new station as their own, directly from PR0 to pr4. Although Shanghai has been very love not to face, not included a few, but Google is very positive, included rate is very high, can be said that as long as the quality is OK, it included, even copying the content, Google also included 11, for the quality of the chain, the more widely, but also have a significant performance for to improve the pr.

three, Google greatly enhance the Google internal error is

PR has always been very concerned about the webmaster friends, see the PR value reached 4 or more, you can probably determine this is a good web site, at least can judge whether it is a long time for the station, Links, PR value will reflect its real value, because many webmaster have asked the pr value need to achieve what kind of standard, of course, the higher the PR website to exchange their hearts certainly more happy, although the Google PR value for a site quality assessment is no longer so accurate, but the owners still have a special liking to it

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