No education no diploma no background chose the Shanghai Dragon

psychological analysis of cool

Shanghai dragon

see this title certainly thought that "the title of the party", no matter. Now is Beijing time: May 17, 2012, I have graduated for two years, to tell the truth: the years have really not how. Basically is "mixed" over, in fact there are many like author 80, 90 young people. The "moonlight clan", you may think they are young, not what the big deal. There are a lot of youth to spend, but slowly over time. One day you will suddenly feel "out of time", the pressure of life will make you breathless. I have no qualifications, no diploma, no background, more than "high Fushuai". Just a "lifting wire", sometimes feel like tiny ants.

Shanghai dragon is a process of training of psychological quality, in the face of;

often listen to the elder said: "Shanghai dragon stick", actually do what don’t persist? Success is so simple but things have a degree?. A Shanghai dragon must also learn to work, it is easy to obsess too stubborn. Shanghai Longfeng entry is very simple, as long as the Internet will be on the line. HTML can use the Internet to see themselves not too difficult. But the most important is to take the initiative to learn the Shanghai dragon, namely the ability of self-study. It sounds simple but hard to do ah, I limit myself to every day to write an article, but still could not be completed because of laziness. There is plenty of time, the key is you want to do, time is out. Want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must have a high degree of self-discipline.

Shanghai dragon

psychological analysis of loneliness

psychological analysis of adherence to

almost every night, sometimes write some of the summary and thinking of Shanghai dragon. Sometimes write some personal essays. No ground for blame Shanghai Longfeng is lonely, because most of the time you need a man facing a computer. With the chain, write a soft wen. Have records of website data, analysis of data, but occasionally encounter a few like-minded friends in the QQ group. Talk about Shanghai Longfeng, breeze, pull the crap. Shanghai Longfeng compatriots or learn to become accustomed to this life, learn to enjoy the solitude, the taste of loneliness. When the dead of night, a song, an article. The interpretation of life is

this article did not mention what advanced Shanghai Dragon technology, also did not share what experience. Just want to give up many is hovering in Shanghai dragon stick Shanghai Dragon between friends, Shanghai dragon is a kind of occupation. For us to find a job I love, and the most important family, the social reality is terrible. If you have a better choice, for example, do a little business. It should be pretty good. If you decided to adhere to the Shanghai dragon road, I want you to read this article. I don’t want to talk about the Shanghai dragon, because I was a rookie.

!Shanghai dragon I will write an article

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