Analysis of the penguin Empire hunt Road

if you want to ask, what is the Chinese most familiar with the computer software, the answer will no doubt be QQ; if you want to ask, what is Chinese the most used software, the answer will be QQ; if you want to ask, what is the indispensable software Chinese computer mobile phone, the answer is still QQ. It can be said that Tencent has become a sign of the times, from the beginning of birth in 1998, it began to change our way of life. Just more than 10 years of development, QQ registered users has exceeded 1 billion mark, and its 2011 launch of WeChat products and quickly occupy the market, less than 2 years, has more than 300 million users…… Under Ma Huateng’s a series of careful layout, the Tencent of this clumsy cute little penguin has become today in the Internet community especially China Internet community so many Internet entrepreneurs are afraid of predators, and the rapid development of the Internet today, is still able to maintain their dominant position without wavering. Tencent, this clumsy cute little penguin: what kind of ability? Today, let us together and everyone to read, on the road of the penguin Empire hunt.

open your QQ interface or just search the Tencent’s products, you will find that the Tencent’s product is numerous. As we know there is even communication software QQ and WeChat, as a platform for sharing QQ space and QQ alumni (actually function basically), as the system protection software QQ computer housekeeper, as the leading domestic original online digital music platform QQ music player, the recent launch of the Internet search attack the business of Tencent and search, nowadays popular social networking platform of micro Tencent is meager, as well as more Tencent news, Tencent gaming platform, Tencent pat is not only in the fields of cover and contain everything, and are involved in the application of extraordinary achievements, and closely follow the development of the Tencent, the Tencent also did not make the doings of more than 1 billion users disappointed such as, the popular micro application of micro-blog and WeChat, which is WeChat Tencent products, micro-blog, although not new The number of users of micro-blog’s multi wave, but also in second place, and suffer from water and electricity provider and the number of users by tossing too much lead to extension machine phenomenon in the Sina micro-blog, Tencent has no such concerns. But in more technology giants just began turning to the mobile Internet market, Tencent has a foothold in the mobile Internet, and has made its first profit in the mobile Internet market, mobile phone QQ and related products for the Tencent made distinctions won in battle. With the development of the current Internet is different from development into fine variety, Tencent’s products developed rapidly and covers a wide range, so we have to understand exactly how the penguin Empire, with culture, in order to make the small penguin a gentle and kind in a short period of time will become today so many Internet >


: the Tencent’s products cover and contain everything

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