About Shanghai Dragon Technology and Shanghai dragon thinking

this stage, Shanghai dragon and SEM integration, brand transaction and transformation, the overall layout of the brand, user needs analysis, the overall arrangement of the work, continue to create value for the company, is the Shanghai dragon thinking stage.

In the practice of

, through their years of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon experience combination, formed a unique Shanghai dragon thinking, will become the core competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng career.

Shanghai dragon


, the Shanghai Dragon technology development is the life cycle, it is difficult to exceed 3 years.

Shanghai Dragon Technology

has done a little research, according to the Shanghai dragon industry, all kinds of God Daniel, analyze what is to find the differences between them. The conclusion is that their success, not because of their professional knowledge, learn advanced technology, even a technology, but that they who is the one and only the formation of their own.

first, now more and more people can see the article by reading exercises, learning to the Shanghai Dragon technology, not what the threshold, as long as willing to work hard, not hard to reach the level of Shanghai dragon head. Secondly, with the Shanghai dragon knowledge popularization, more and more people to join the Shanghai dragon army, N more people to study various ways, search engines have to update the algorithm, often a lot of people think Shanghai dragon skills to master the methods, the search engine has been completely blocked.

executive position in Shanghai Longfeng company, stay for two years, with the team to do various projects over the whole brand marketing, ZhengZhan optimization, information marketing, social media marketing and public relations crisis, a series of network marketing. Finally, join a brand, complete the transition from Party B to Party A, responsible for the overall brand marketing company.

this stage, just outside the station, Shanghai station Shanghai dragon dragon, through the study of a very transparent, as a way to pay and promotion, are Shanghai Dragon Technology stage.

The earliest

In the practice of

for Shanghai dragon, what is your virtue, talent shows itself from the vast Shanghai dragon force in Er is not content, not the chain, not black hat, is not a party to the Shanghai Dragon technology wise, whether the formation of a unique combination of forward thinking experience but in Shanghai Longfeng road.

from a Shanghai Longfeng company started to contact the Shanghai dragon, the first from the Shanghai dragon chain started, a lot of links threw, batch chain, for Links, the chain effect of the period of love in Shanghai is good, because willing to delve into Shanghai Longfeng chain release skills, achievement is very significant soon, was promoted to the Shanghai dragon specialist level, began to take over some site optimization, to understand the "content is king, the chain for emperor" of these concepts, obtain rankings by keyword layout, content optimization, tag code means, with the chain work, soon promotion supervisor.

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