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| Zhai Wenting

Wang Ning, the field of Internet entrepreneurs like chess, often only one winner; while the traditional business is like playing chess, or just how much of the problem.

08 years of the financial tsunami, the world jittery. For more than 20 year old young people, it is harder to start a business in adversity. But many "80" is to see this opportunity, adversity enterprise, they will call this: "big fish died, small fish have to eat!"!"

"to the financial tsunami," big fish "dead," little fish "to eat some, let us discuss the ‘entrepreneurship through’!" Yesterday, the reporter in a "Tianhe City small shops alliance group noted that the work" ELSTE "at the end of last year has just established business group, now has 22 friends to join, and uniform for" 80 ", more than half of them have been in the year when the CIS" small boss".

"ELSTE" said that he is a general income of workers, work for more than two years of savings only about twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, always wanted out of their business, but because the rent is expensive and has failed to complete the wish. However, the sudden financial tsunami at the end of the year caused her to rekindle the idea.

"ELSTE" first said: "I have investigated the main consumer groups in Beijing on the road, the age between 16 to 30 years old, if not for the floor, they will not save money, before the market or everyone ‘together’ home, now the property market is not good, no money to buy, consumption even higher."

than traditional stores, more "80" young people choose to open lower cost, less risk of the shop. Vivi, 25, is one of them. Previously, in Beijing, when the translation of "Vivi" is regarded as a standard white-collar workers, but her home in Guangzhou, a year from Beijing and Guangzhou dozens of times. Monthly income of more than 6000 yuan, spent on travel expenses accounted for half, and last year hit a financial tsunami, the company cut salaries by 10%, money is even less used. Last November, she made up her mind to return.

hit the wall, Wang Ning went to the next Europe and America to find opportunities. Surprisingly, the other Party promised to give them an empty seat, when the popularity of the United States and Europe is not enough, anyway, empty is empty. No brand bubble mart will walk into the shopping center. Wang Ning knew he was going to be a fashion supermarket like LOCK-ON, but he wasn’t sure what to sell until the end of the decoration.

in 2010, Wang Ning, who left Sina, went to Hongkong to visit his girlfriend and was attracted by a fashion supermarket called LOG-ON. Girls carry baskets to choose what they like, like shopping in supermarkets, but the things they put in their baskets are cosmetics, creative products, stationery, etc.. LOCK-ON business is very hot, Wang Ning inspired by this, back to Beijing, ready to shop.

, its founder, was born in 1987, Wang Ning. He is the positioning of the bubble Mart "trend of life Sundry Goods". Wheat is just the first bubble Mart angel investors, A round of investment from the former fortune partner Fu Zhekuan to raise new funds. Currently, he is preparing for the second round of financing.


in the Empire some tall on the Shopping Mall, near M, ZARA, H& Watsons, Sephora and other brands, a creative department stores sell "bubble"". A glance in the past, full of cool gadgets, category covers fashion gifts, stationery, creative Home Furnishing etc.. 6 home shopping center at the bubble Mart in Beijing, Swire and ocean development of indigo landing in Beijing Jiuxianqiao, the initiative to invite the bubble mart settled.

every time he went out of the store, looking ahead is H& M, Sephora this brand, he feel in this space is the reciprocal of the first. Whether it is the fight products, marketing, price or service, bubble mart are weak. "At the very beginning, even do not know how to do performance for the staff, how to schedule, and how to draw up the service process." Wang Ning says.



Wang Ning wants to find a street shop. He runs a lot of places, but it doesn’t fit. Before he had with the gate shopping center has worked, simply hold the plan to find a shop there, and see if there may be settled in. The other asked, "what are you going to sell?" Wang Ning quoted a bunch, "this one is for sale, and that one for sale.". The other party listened and waved to let him go, because they had never seen such a shop.

business starts with last count,

he can only keep on trial and error

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