The use of the network to sell toys to earn a million yuan monthly true story

This article is to tell you that I sold toys last month to earn $10000 story, but not doped with any impurities, but also hope that my story can let you know how to do e-commerce in the end how to do


I began to contact the Internet in 2010, by their own interest in online learning to make money, website construction and opening of Taobao stores, etc.. Later, because the family did not let me at home, was forced to go out for half a year classes. Later, it is not willing to quit, and intend to start their own business.

I spent half a year salesman, only 2000 yuan a month, save $9600, the family gave me some money to buy a van, ready to send toys. Because I used to sell toys, opened a toy shop for three years. I bought the car after practicing for a few days to delivery, bad face will be disgraced.

no way, I have a few days to deliver the goods and find a job, in January was only 1000 yuan, what is not blind to play in that. During this time, I met my wife and married in early 2012. After marriage, I do not know what to do, want to start looking for a job. Looking for a round delivery courier work, I go to work to drive to be laughed at, I really can not go to work.

later, I began to learn SEO, happened to meet a SEO teacher, taught me more than half a month SEO. Which know I just learn SEO is not good to do, I was the boss to quit. After resignation, I am not willing to self-study SEO. During this time, I got the courage to start the second venture, to Linyi into a number of goods every day to start the delivery of the township.

I have done business for six months, so, for delivery or no difficulty. After all, I do the network, I also want to use the network to sell toys. However, the Internet are adults, children will not access the Internet, people will buy toys, this problem is very important, do not use their own ideas to think about everything, sometimes your ideas are not necessarily right.

later, I do not know how to sell toys online, in the end, I tried to open a Taobao shop selling toys. I did not expect the effect of selling toys on the Internet is also good, every day there are consulting, I sent to express every morning, and then go to the township delivery. But then I didn’t go to the store because of the delivery. Because every day to the township to send toys, no matter whether one day earn one hundred or two hundred yuan, no meaning.

since I did not go to town after delivery, I feel very unlucky. Do SEO more than half a month is not enough, the township to send toys do not work for half a year. In fact, I have been accustomed to the bad things, I have never been a lucky person, bad things continuously. However, although I am very unlucky, but I still believe that one day I will mix well, I have never doubted their own strength, but the time has not come yet.

in order to let you better know how e-commerce should be operated, the following Shao Lianhu blog to operate a few

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