Depth analysis of Taobao search model and the latest ranking rules


also will affect the price artificially high, sellers will also affect the search model.

at the top of the business rules is the last filtering layer of a commodity, mainly by some such as: seven days returned, composed of consumer protection plan etc..

anti cheat model and model with the lowest category, that is to say when a commodity with the wrong category of irregularities, as the lack of effective show.


The seller The

pictures, SKU commodity title, and commodity key attributes one by one,

model is a Pyramid structure, the bottom, the top gradually narrowed. The logic is narrowed every layer model. For example, the category model at the bottom, meaning that if you release the wrong product category, the goods will not be effective to show in front of the search and category. If the category released correctly, but the title is not used when consumers search keywords, text filtering model will be second, still can not get a chance to show.

model is mainly sales, conversion, conversion and other indicators were browsing. This model is a model of the most secret operations, here do not say we all understand, but note that if careless operation, the goods will be returned to the bottom of the anti spam model to filter. According to several models at the bottom of the filter, can appear the goods are in this position for a showdown.

Taobao search no price model, so ranking is not affected by price. This model is in Tmall and Tmall also have, excluding the time model, which is a difference between Tmall and Taobao’s main search.

model consists of the title and text attributes and SKU component, and the commodity attribute and commodity title to SKU matching.

attribute values show standard text information content, and search users search keyword matching, will affect search rankings.

best title combination scheme: [[brand] [product name] [] [] key words attribute special service].

model: this note is the time model in the entire search model in operation is the strongest. So the reasonable optimization good shelf time is very important for the influence of the rankings. Time model and text model in the bottom of the second category model.


Taobao search model

presented to the buyers is a small amount of goods at the top of the. Through the layers from the bottom of the filter, select outstanding businesses and commodities.

model and service model by big data of the entire store, operability is not strong, usually operating attention checks good their services on the line.


this is an implementation of the whole process of the model, and in this process.


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