Fast to solve problem three website drop right down the right site solution

1. to check their website

Hello, in front of the two article I told everyone on the two issues, one is some phenomenon that site is down right, mainly to when we encounter a similar phenomenon can be aware of what your site has been down right, the other one is several of the main reason that site is down right, is to help people find their own website right down to some cause improper operation, timely correction. Some views on this topic to talk about today, I went to meet site right down how do we solve fast, I hope some valuable views can bring inspiration to everyone’s spark.

site is down right is not determined the first thing we need to do is to carefully check the website, and check to do has many kinds, simple operation has the following several aspects.

checkWhen the

2. check the website server is all normal

3. check the website of the robots.txt file is correct

talked about the specific site down the right solution, a lot of people are helpless, it is still a reason, to find out the reasons, and then an antidote against the disease. An article "the problem in front of the site right down to quickly solve the problem two: analysis of the many reasons to drop right reason" inside the analysis website, as an antidote against the disease would be easier. I am from the two to the four inspection and analysis of the site itself right down the phenomenon to introduce some website drop right solution today.

The content and the chain changes of

, a four

site will be reduced and the content included the chain included the situation of reducing be right down, of course, is a large area to reduce the time before we judge this station may be right down. Sometimes the site included and the chain surge may also cause the site was down the right, it’s like we overeat, the body will certainly not stand. Check the chain must also pay attention to check whether Links malicious delete, Links heavily weighted in external links, if there are several Links high quality is removed, the site is likely to be right down.

web server is a very important part in the process of accessing, if you choose the server is a very stable server, the server is very little effect on your site weight. If your web server often downtime, you should take care of it, your site is down right away not far away. When the server check should also pay attention to other websites to check on the server, to see whether because other sites being punished and linked.

if you know about Shanghai Longfeng deeply, must know the site has a robots.txt file, which is used to stop the search engine directories or some files, although this function is very useful, but it is easy to make mistakes. If you rob>

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