Deep blue the common problems of enterprise stand optimization


four, website content is not fresh

site layout to form more or is the form and layer mixed collocation, multilayer nested tables that search engine can’t grab; code does not conform to the W3C standard, in different browsers will often appear all sorts of different display.

choose to go to extremes

who will love beautiful things, but must pay the price, some enterprises in order to pursue the beautiful, show personality, will use a lot of flash, pictures etc. to design, even navigation is flash, almost no text page except the copyright information at the bottom of the site slow loading.

three, the website structure chaos

two, page design friendly

and some other keywords often unpopular, search volume is very small and pure to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, even if the rankings do the home page, such words can bring much traffic?

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enterprise stand on the site should be the conversion rate, enhance the user experience and the brand of publicity, rather than purely to Shanghai and Shanghai, a dragon dragon, from the user’s point of view the site, the user will be love and favor, I believe it makes search engine love.

for some of the more obscure enterprise station, did not too much to update the content, but also not too many Internet related news content, basically to collect or simple pseudo original, or snapshot update, included, but no ranking or not updated snapshot, keywords ranking disappear love Shanghai that lead to site is down right.

Shanghai dragon also some day, the hands of the station are basically in the enterprise station, contact station, found that these stations are basically the common defects, on the site optimization is not friendly.

Enterprise Station keywords generally to the product name, such as a "water heater production" of the enterprise, keyword selection is often "water heater", this kind of keywords is too broad, not targeted, and the degree of competition is relatively large, a short time is difficult to achieve the desired purpose.

navigation is not clear or not, enter the page but can not find the path back to the home page, people will get lost, not to mention a spider; but few related articles, the anchor text, each page is independent, the spider came into a dead end, unable to grasp the depth other web page; the directory hierarchy is deep, some dynamic parameters of URL is too long.

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