Born to die for ranking, ranking

station group, black hat, outside the chain, with all the contents, poor stand group, a group, and then fell in a batch, with the TV play, do not react on the do not know how to die.

ranked as the students, is your purpose for the medical industry; ranking die is your motto of the medical profession.

In addition to

for ranking, or for the medical industry rankings, what were you doing good


ranked as the students, poor students, students of the hateful.

is a medical Shanghai dragon often more than a dozen sites, the same keywords, with flooding, with the point of the technology in addition to the page ten position of monopoly off 5, thinking it must be my first home, in addition to the first, second. They forget there is a word the user experience. Forget the user even if the user is not an idiot, idiot, that he has to distinguish good and bad ability of website.


for the development of the industry, please don’t waste the chain in manufacturing, spam, spam sites, if you don’t want to be away from the garbage, garbage

hateful? ?

was born for ranking, ranking. Use these words to describe the medical industry of Shanghai dragon is really appropriate.

!Please Medicine >

did not dare to criticize all the medical industry of Shanghai dragon, but the fact is a lot of medical industry leaders, in addition to ranking no other things, and for the ranking, ranking for

should also belong to the most terrible content! A course, a small course, on a site that can produce tens of thousands of content, but the 90% are the same or similar. On its website spread even, ferocious crowds outward, reminiscent of the terrible, this is the parasite. The forum will go to pollution, pollution blog, flood SNS, to spread news source, this would be a terrible phenomenon, no one can stop.

for ranking die die die alas sad.

ranking and ranking, ranking brains, giant earthquakes and landslides, all use unscrupulous divisive tactics can come in handy and so on, is gratifying or sad. In addition to ranking you can have second options for


sadly outside the chain, in addition to the pollution of the entire Internet, what did you do? Regardless of when and where, a piece of a piece of hair, was killed, but sadly, I really have no other words.

hate the black hat, in addition to the wanton destruction of the industry, but also malicious hurt others sites, in addition to what

Shanghai dragon how to become so? Live for ranking, should be the topic in the era before 2010, to 2013, how do you rank and die for? How stupid thinking, in addition to ranking you cannot do other

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