Discussion demand analysis to determine the site keywords ranking


search engine spiders crawling the track we will generally know: from left to right, from top to bottom. While this order roughly with the eyes of people visit the website information is the same as the order of. So, the best layout of the site will demand the importance of arrangement, will be the most important on the left, top. And other important factors can be ranked, although these meet the needs of people, and in accordance with the search.

we all have heard the car home, why autohome ranking car name or search for auto related keywords can be an easy job to do first? We can search any keywords about the car, this will show a drop in search keywords love Shanghai search box, display related search at the bottom, in the search results will show the car: car parameters, pictures, price, reputation, information, discussion and video (Post Bar). In fact, these are the needs of users, many people will ask, why the results will show the information, and the general information that the user needs to

what is the demand analysis? The demand analysis from the surface of sense, we are back analyzed by the user wants, and reflected in the web page; and from a deeper level, we can use the most intuitive search engine data to the user needs to carry on the analysis, for example:

in the process of the analysis of user needs, we must consider the web page layout, page layout is related to the above mentioned requirements: in order of importance.


what is the user experience? The user experience is that we in the process of website construction, every page should be analyzed according to the needs of users, and the search engine also can be a very good combination. The user can find he want to find something in the first time to visit a web page, this page is the user experience of web search engine, and is in accordance with the needs of users reflected.


said understanding of user needs, a lot of people will say: user experience. The user experience in a lot of friends of Shanghai dragon eyes is high quality articles, and this is only part of the user experience, so the other part is what? What is the demand? What needs analysis to determine the site keywords ranking

as everyone knows, the love of Shanghai is a very powerful database, and the search results are displayed by user analysis, user demand analysis so calculated, and if we can get these information reflected in the above website, and through the display of information on sort, coupled with our high quality, the chain. Rankings will be difficult to

a lot of enterprises and friends will be in the process of website construction and the pursuit of keywords ranking, keyword ranking not only through the content writing, chain construction and easy promotion. If you want to improve the site keywords ranking, can even surpass the high weight website, the website when you should understand the needs of users.

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